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Hi Family & Friends!

I have set up this page exclusively for you because I need your help!

In about one month I am releasing three books. The first one is a full length book, the second is a 50 page study on prayer combined with a prayer journal and the third is a booklet of about only 80 pages. You can see the descriptions below.

I NEED YOUR HELP - to help get the word out about these great Christian life and faith resources. Please let me know if you would like to be a part of my launch team.

There are three levels of help I need - You can participate at whichever level you feel comfortable with: 1) You will buy the book(s) on day of launch for a very special price, 2) You will also read and post a review of the book(s) and 3) You will tell others via social media about the book(s).

For those who can do all three - I will also send you a Free Digital Copy of my latest music EP - The Cross Changes Me.

Please email me at to let me know you will be on the team and indicate at which level.

Thank you so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it!

Live the abundant life God promised you!

Learn how to live for God in a way that you can begin to feel the abundance He promised for you by exercising your might!

You’ve been living for God and pursuing the abundant life He promised you in scripture, but you’re not having nearly the success you expected and you want to know why.


Or maybe you don’t know God and you simply want the most satisfying life you can possibly have, but you’re not sure what that entails. In this conversational and relevant book, Pastor Rick Stephenson presents the answers to an abundant life.

You Will Learn:

  • Why we struggle to obtain abundance.

  • What true abundance looks like from God’s point of view.

  • What God’s promise of an abundant life requires of us.

  • How to establish a proper core from which to emanate abundance.

  • How to maintain abundance once obtained.


Understanding the concepts in this book will open the door to your abundant life by removing the stress and worry from your pursuit. It truly is up to you, and you can achieve it by keeping one thing in mind: you need to Exercise Your M.I.G.H.T.!


Get started living the abundant life God promised you today!

Communicating with God should be easy right? Then why do we find it so difficult, especially when it comes to knowing why or how to pray?


We all want the promises of God to be fulfilled in our lives, but did you know the key to releasing them is found through prayer?


In God’s Promises: A Prayer Journal, You'll Find:

  • A short study on prayer so you can understand the importance of prayer.

  • Prayer templates to help you find words to communicate with God yourself.

  • A methodology to discover how God responds to your prayers.

  • Space to journal and express yourself to God.


Learning the importance of prayer and how to actually pray can release the power of God in your life in amazing ways. If you utilize this prayer journal, you will begin to see just how God is meeting you in your times of devotion and that He truly responds to your prayers.


Anytime, anywhere, God is waiting to hear from you. Start communicating with Him today and learn how He responds to you. Read Pastor Rick’s God’s Promises: A Prayer Journal to grow your prayer habit and feel God’s power.

God's Promises - E-Book - Front Cover.jpg
What Does It Mean To Be Born Again - Front Cover.jpg

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when he said, “You must be born again,” found in the Gospel of John chapter three?


You’ve likely heard many interpretations of this scripture, and it’s a good idea to make sure for yourself that you have indeed been born again according to the manner in which God intended.


Remove all doubt by reading this brief contemporary and easy-to-comprehend booklet, written by Pastor Rick Stephenson. In this conversational and relatable booklet, Pastor Rick walks you through the true Biblical meaning behind what it means to be born again.


You Will Learn:

  • How Jesus’s words of spiritual birth are related to physical birth.

  • The extensive process God uses for bringing about new birth in a believer.

  • The exclusive proof that validates the new birth experience has happened to you.

  • What is expected of a believer once they have been born again.


Understanding the words of Jesus will move you into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God and allow you to experience the new birth in a full, enriching, and rewarding manner.


Begin the journey to discover what it means to be born again by reading this amazing booklet now!


Thank you for your help!

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