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Rick Stephenson’s debut CD is an encouraging and uplifting project containing 14 worshipful Christian adult contemporary songs, all written and performed by Rick.  These songs will awaken your spirit with a high energy feel and an excitement that inspires you to worship in spirit and in truth as you readily sing along.  Strengthen your relationship with God with the attention-grabbing  "Clean"  and the catchy  "Praise Him"  .  Stir your trust in God with the moving ballad  "You Sustain Me"  and the lingering thoughts of  "Hallelujah to the Great I Am"  .   Your prayer time will be more meaningful with the album’s title track  "Sanctuary of My Heart"  and  "You Are Great" .

Sanctuary Of My Heart - Physical CD

  • Note:

    This is a PHYSICAL CD to be mailed to you.

    There are NO Returns on CDs.

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