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Orange Syrup & A Caring God

The other day I went to the dentist for my routine cleaning and checkup. As usual, I was greeted by the cheery dental assistant hygienist and we began making some small talk. I noticed what I thought was a baby bump but wasn’t sure because this particular dentist has the personnel wear solid black uniforms so my observation was just a guess at best.

During our small talk, however, she revealed to me that she was expecting so I of course congratulated her. As we talked more, she asked me what it was that I did and we got to talking about the ministry and for some reason we began to discuss how God reveals certain things to me at times to minister to those I come in contact with. As soon as I said it, God gave me a picture in my head of that orange syrup that my wife had to drink when she was pregnant in order to test for gestational diabetes.

I quietly and quickly asked God what that was for and he told me to tell her that although she has been concerned about this issue with her pregnancy that God would take care of everything for her if she would just trust him. Well, she assured me that indeed she had recently had that particular test and the doctor had certain concerns and were going to be monitoring her closely going forward. She was astounded and amazed that God would speak to her.

Needless to say I invited her to our home bible study group and several months later after the birth of her little boy she started coming and testified that God had taken care of everything as he promised! What an awesome God we serve!

God Bless - Rick


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