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God Said "Hello!"

I know what I’m going to share with you might sound a little “out there” but it truly happened.

I have heard of God speaking to people in an audible voice and actually we have historic record of such events in scripture. So I have often longed to experience this for myself.

Several years ago, a friend of mine had an experience where he too heard the voice of God audibly for himself. My friend prior to having a relationship with God was involved heavily in drugs and still had some struggles even after making his way to Jesus. Long story short (more because it’s his story and not mine to share), while sitting in his vehicle, during a season of struggle, he was praying for God’s help and low and behold God spoke to him audibly. Suffice it to say due to the experience my friend has been granted the victory!

When my friend shared this experience with me I was both elated for him and yes sadly jealous for myself. After all, I wanted to hear God’s voice too. For days afterwards, I would pray about it and ask God to hear his voice. Several weeks had passed and the thoughts were starting to fade from my heart as I was thinking I’d never get to hear his voice. Then one night just as I was going to bed, I had prayed a simple prayer and concluded by saying “…and God if you would speak to me tonight, that would be great.” I thought if nothing else it would be good to converse with God even in my dreams or to receive some sort of insight from a God inspired dream. Then I went to bed.

Several hours later I recall waking up from sleep and looking around the room which was dark and having a little bit of a strange (but not fearful) feeling and then I heard someone say “Hello”. That’s all – just “Hello.”

Now, you would think hearing a voice in the middle of the night in your bedroom would freak you out – right? But oddly enough it didn’t. The sound of the voice was just the opposite, it soothed me. It was so assuring, peaceful, confident and welcoming. Its tone was somewhat musical and hard to equate but it was full of love and comfort. It was like that one simple word acknowledged not only me as who I am but also addressed my needs. I knew in that very moment it was God honoring my request. It came from well above me and I knew that it was protective, reassuring and warm. Yes, for those who are curious it was semi-deep not like a bass but like a baritone and male in sound.

I think back and wish I had gotten out of bed and asked God a bunch of questions to capitalize on this moment of communication. I sometimes think I missed learning some of the greatest insights of our world and what’s to come. However, I was lost in the comfort and reassurance, knowing that God was with me that I simply rolled over and went back to sleep and slept better than I ever had. Perhaps, I was able to do so because twice before in my life I have also heard music directly from heaven and the singing of angles that woke me while I was sleeping, but that’s another story for another time.

I found this experience quite encouraging at the moment and even every time I think about it. I also believe I was allowed to experience this to share it with you and pray that you too might find encouragement in it. You can rest assured that God is with you as well for he says he will never leave us or forsake us and I know he is true to his word, even if that word is a simple “Hello”!

God Bless - Rick

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