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Defining Impact

Impact – What does it mean to you?

By definition the word means: the action of hitting, the force of collision or strong effect.

It is my desire as a musical evangelist to hit the enemy between the eyes with the word and the power of God. I attempt to do that through both the sung and spoken word of God and through the arsenal of prayer (both mine and yours combined).

When we partner up, we have a greater force that will collide against the evil in our present world. Together we will have a strong effect on those who are hungry for a change in their lives. Through your giving you are enabling this ministry to have a far greater reach than otherwise possible. It’s only because of your faithfulness and devotion that we can take the life changing message of Jesus’ salvation to those who need it most.

Since you give generously of your valuable time, talent and treasury, I will keep you informed of the impact that this ministry is making. Better yet, you will be able to define the impact for yourself when you are able to read about the results, review the testimonies, view the pictures and enjoy the stories of God’s great work.

Thank you so much for your support!

God Bless - Rick


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