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Lessons From Japan

No matter how much we prepare, something can come along that we never expected. Japan thought they were doing well by building their buildings to withstand earthquakes of up to 7.5 but then in 2011 a 8.9 hit. Also, it wasn’t the quake that caused the most damage; it was the tsunami that created the havoc, showing us that we’re not in control but God is.

What matters in the days, weeks, months and even years after a crisis is how one respond in the initial moments and to its aftershocks. When life gets turned around in an instant for us, that’s what matters for us too – how we respond.

Trust that God has the best in store for us and sometimes the best for us is to suffer loss in order for us to focus on what is truly important. I wrote in a song of mine “Sometimes my loss can be my gain” (from You Sustain Me on the Sanctuary of My Heart CD) because I have come to realize that some of the material things I’ve treasured, when gone, have pointed me to the most valuable things in my life like, love, family and God.

I hope the lesson we all take from this is how fragile life is. Let’s make it count today by responding with grace, compassion and encouragement no matter what comes our way!

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