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Did you know that a smile is more than the pleasant expression you make with your mouth? A smile is also a reflection of a pleasant appearance, a sign of favor. That’s why we as human beings can read a fake smile versus a genuine smile.

A fake smile only involves our lips in the shape of what we call a smile versus a genuine smile that involves our whole appearance no matter how subtle. When someone says your eyes twinkle when you smile, they may indeed.

If you are having a hard time smiling, check out the rest of your appearance, it too has probably taken a digger. So, if you want to work on smiling more, make sure you at least look your best each day and I believe you will soon realize you are smiling more.

Also, as the old adage goes, ‘practice makes perfect’, just practice smiling in front of a mirror. At first, it will be the usual fake smile but after a while, because a smile is contagious, if you do it long enough, you will find it develops into a genuine smile. With this practice, try to make smiling a reflective instinct when you walk down the street or in the hallways of your office or school. Again, over time this instinct will become genuine.

Lastly, did you know it takes fewer muscles in your face to generate a smile than it does to create a frown? So give your face a break and SMILE!

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