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Living in the Light or Dwelling in Shadows?

I know we all reflect on the past sometimes and that’s all right. But, when we get stuck living there, we are now dwelling in shadows. On the other hand, when we focus too much on the future and what we hope will be, we also exist in shadows. What is a shadow? It’s a darkened shape that falls behind something blocking the light.

The light of right now, as in between when the sun rises and falls is called today. We can only do what we can clearly see. The past is a shadow because we only get a glimpse or a reminder of what was – like in a sunset. The future is also a shadow because it hasn’t come fully into the light yet.

Sure, we can see traces and highlights of what is on the horizon as in a sunrise, but it is only in the light of the day – the here and now – that we can fully recognize our opportunities to learn from the past and make decisions to guide our future. We all get to decide where we want to reside, either living in the light or dwelling shadows. Choose the light it’s brighter there!

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