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Striving for Healing?

If you are in need of healing, I want to help you out. But to start this off right I need to share a few definitions of a few words, so here they are:

Healing = the process of curing or becoming well

Process = a series of actions directed toward a specific aim

Curing = treating successfully to resolve a problem

Well = in good health (mentally, physically or spiritually) – fully and thoroughly in a complete way – to surge from within or grow stronger so as to threaten to burst forth.

Now let’s put it all together: Healing whether it’s mental, physical or spiritual is a process. Sometimes a process can be very short but other times it can take a long, long time. However, the thing to understand in pursuing your healing is the importance of taking the correct actions that will lead to your specific aim of healing.

For example, if it is a physical aim to be healed of a sinus infection, the correct actions would be to obviously take the right medicine, perhaps antibiotics. But, if your physical aim is to be healed of a strained leg muscle, antibiotics won’t do much good; the correct actions might be stretching, heating or icing the area.

This same principle works for our mental well being as well. If we want to have a healthier thought life, we have to take the correct series of actions to get it by starting to change what we tell ourselves. We can’t keep telling ourselves ‘we’re no good or we’ll never amount to anything’, if we are aiming for a positive attitude. We need to take actions to tell ourselves that we are worthy and improving or even remind ourselves of the blessings we have been bestowed with, no matter how seemingly insignificant to us. By following this course of action, over time our thinking will change. Additional corrective steps might be to post daily affirmations or reminders for us to see, review and read to help adjust our thoughts.

When it comes to spiritual matters, this process still holds true as well. If our aim is to have a more enriching spiritual life, we’ve got to take the correct series of actions to get us there, which might include daily prayer, Bible reading, studying or meeting with others for guidance.

Why do all three of these work the same way? Because, the parts are inclusive of the whole. In other words, these are the building blocks of who we are. If we suffer in one area, we tend to suffer in all areas and we should take the clues provided by one area for addressing the others. The hierarchy in this case is as follows: Physical – Mental – Spiritual, with the physical being the lowest level we deal with and the spiritual being the highest level. Therefore, the mental is the bridge or the link between them so it is very important what we think about. That’s why we ought to strive for mental health first.

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