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Good Intentions or Good Vibrations

Some more definitions:

Good = of high quality or standard, suitable, having the appropriate qualities to be something or to fit a purpose, skilled, virtuous, kind, honorable.

Intent = something planned or the purpose that accompanies a plan.

Vibrations = the process of moving or being moved back and forth very rapidly.

Do you ever feel like you have good intentions? I sure do. In fact, I like to dream up some almost everyday of what I would like to accomplish. Nevertheless, intentions can only be good, if they incorporate the definition above of being honorable, and especially if they fit the purpose of fulfilling your life’s plan.

However, intentions only help identify the purpose of accomplishing a plan. The intentions are not the plan itself. In other words, you first need a plan, what is it you want to accomplish, second you develop the intentions of fulfilling that plan. If that’s where you stop with these good intentions drawn up but no motion, then the plan is never fulfilled. You need to move from good intentions to good vibrations. A vibration is the process of moving into action the intentions you had.

Ever seen a tuning fork? It has a great plan to help instruments get into tune and the intentions of it are honorable, after all who likes to really listen to an out of tune instrument. It can be like scratching fingernails across a chalkboard. So, in order to take the intention of the tuning fork and move it into the proper vibration for tuning you have to strike it. Once struck, it begins to produce the vibration or the appropriate tune for the instrument to emulate.

Have you heard of the expression ‘strike while the iron is hot’? This is a blacksmithing term for when the iron was heated in the furnace. As soon as the iron is removed from the furnace, it begins to cool off and the longer the blacksmith waits to shape the iron, the cooler the iron will become and the harder it will be for him to shape it.

You see the furnace is intention and the hammer is our choice to take action and the resulting thuds or clanks to the iron (our plan) are our vibrations to determine if we are in tune and moving in the direction we should be to fulfill our life’s design. If we find that our iron has cooled off, what can we do? Well, like the blacksmith who’s working up a sweat beating on cool iron knows, he needs to reheat the iron for the next set of shaping blows to be more accurate and less frustrating.

If you have wondered why you are not gaining any ground, you may need to do one of two things 1) either develop some good intentions or 2) get to striking out and putting your plan into action – feel the fear and do it anyway (we’ll talk more about that one another time). I encourage you to go from Good Intentions to Good Vibrations and constantly check to see if you’re in tune.

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