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All day long, we are faced with choices to make. Some are easy involving very little thought, yet others are hard involving much contemplation. No matter what the choice is before us, I hope we realize that not making a choice is in fact a choice within it’s self. It is a choice to suffer the consequences, whatever they may be. In fact, it is a choice in favor of risk.

Since we as human beings overall tend to reduce our risks, this choice always puzzles me. Sure, some of us like certain amounts of risk. For example, some are comfortable with a high level of risk (i.e. skydivers) and some are made uneasy with any risk at all. Hence, our society has developed whole industries revolved around the management of risk in people’s lives and we tend to call it insurance.

No matter the level of risk, you’re willing to accept, we will all face one question we have to make a choice about. Is there a God or not? By not choosing to answer that question for ourselves, we are deciding to play spiritual roulette and we will suffer the consequences accordingly.

If we choose to answer that question with a statement of “No” then we have bluntly decided we can accept the risks, if we’re wrong. If we answer the question with a resounding “Yes”, then we have chosen to minimize a certain amount of risk.

But, in order to reduce our risk further, the next step is to learn as much about this God we think exists. The more we learn, the more our risk level decreases. However, if we encounter points of conflicting terms (where what we’ve learned does not jive with what is going on around or in us) then our insurability has taken a hit and our risk level increases again. Ask any insurance agent if they will insure a smoker against getting cancer. Even if they do, the premiums will be quite high because we have learned that some cancers are caused by smoking.

So, if you’re like me, a person who likes to reduce his risks by getting the best insurance available, then I encourage you to be sure you find out as much as you can about your God, while we are here between the dash. After all, we are all faced with the same choice – so its time to choose! (See Joshua 24:15)

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