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Sex is more than physical – its spiritual. Sex was designed by God to be a way for the flesh (our humanity) to interact and take part in the design of the Spirit. It’s the activity that holds the potential for bringing the Spiritual into the realm of humanity. It was – is – and always will be the plan that God put into motion that a husband and wife would connect physically and spiritually. That’s why sex is so emotional and even a little mystical as to all its benefits when held within the proper confines of marriage. To cheapen it and to degrade it, is to slap God in the face and say we don’t want you to be God in our lives but we want to be our own God or we want to make the act it’s self our God. But in doing so we end up hurt, empty and still lonely. The act of sex alone cannot fulfill the spiritual component without acknowledgment of the true God who designed it and who’s Spirit allows for the proper connection.

God Bless - Rick


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