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Between the Dash

Here is where I would like to challenge you to make life count!

Hopefully, we all realize that this life we’ve been blessed with is quite short no matter if we live to be 1 or 100. When it has all been said and done, and our lives are over, there won’t be much to mark us on our tombstone outside of a couple of lines of text - if we’re lucky.

However, there is a common denominator when viewing a tombstone, it’s a line set off by a set of dates and a dash in between them. It is here between the dash that matters – it’s the space between those dates and the dash that define us. We’re either caught living in the past or passionately pursing our dreams with only one connection to it all – the overall dash, which represents the here and now.

Therefore, I would like to spark in you a desire to "live life to the fullest" (as paraphrasing from my favorite teacher – Jesus the Christ). Perhaps it might be helpful for you to think about your past in terms of today and how it might apply to your future and then let it springboard you from there rather than being immobalized by the past.

After all, as defined by the dictionary, the word dash means a quick purposeful movement by a person in a particular direction. That’s what I want for you – for you to make purposeful movements in your life that propel you forward.

A dash can also be defined as a small quantity of something added to something else to improve the flavor or enliven something. It just might be a small bit or twist of thought (a different way of thinking ) that could add a much needed enhancement,

in order to make the flavor of your life physically, mentally or spiritually more fulfilling.

Lastly, notice that in terms of a tombstone the dash represents a punctuation mark, which indicates that something has been omitted. Let it not be said of you in the end that a vibrant fulfilling life was what was missing! So between your daily dashing off from here to there, pause for a moment and consider the space Between The Dash!

God Bless - Rick

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