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Are You Focused?

Distraction: something that diverts attention and interferes with concentration, or something providing amusement and/or entertainment.

Why are we as a society easily distracted? It seems that we even search for distractions. After all, look at all the leisure activities available to us here in America. Now, while I know we are hard workers, we seem to live by the adage of work hard, play hard or harder.

It seems that even in a downturned economy that the leisure industry is still going strong. In fact, I believe stress causes us to seek out even greater moments of leisure to distract us from all our concerns. However, with how readily distraction is available, I believe it is a ploy to take our minds off what really matters. This is proven by how high the divorce, murder, and abortion rates are since it appears that relationships and life are devalued. Even Christianity has taken a hit with some saying that America is no longer a Christian nation.

If my theory is correct, how do we reverse the current trends? It’s called FOCUS and DISCIPLINE. On what you ask – well obviously, on what truly matters: Life and relationships with each other and with God. But, focus and discipline take work and since we are working so hard already, most of us don’t want to add more work to our lives. The rub comes in by this though, through focus and discipline, things over time become even easier. Sure, it will be difficult at first but as your focus and discipline becomes more concentrated, you will find that the distractions begin to disappear and you will start to see that it was really all those distractions that had you running around in the first place.

I encourage you today to focus more on what truly matters and develop a daily discipline to help you concentrate on it. Know that it won’t be money since it comes and goes, it won’t be material things since they wear out, it won’t be power since it wanes, it won’t be fame since people are fickle but it will be on living a satisfying fulfilling life, which can only be achieved through relationships, especially the relationship you have with your creator!

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