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Here's Your Reminder!

Just a reminder that God loves YOU! We all need reminders at times. And God seems to know just when we need them. For those of you who have recently doubted that God notices; I was told to let you know He is very aware of where you are at and He does indeed love and care for you! I pray this understanding makes its way deep into your heart!

I grew up in a home where we didn’t say I love you very often. In fact, it was very infrequent and rare. Sure, love existed but without a reminder every now and again, our minds like to wander and delve into the negative.

I’m not sure why as human beings we have the tendency to have a negative outlook on things but it usually seems the case. Knowing this and that nature abhors a vacuum (I learned that in science class a long while back); it’s easy to see that the mind and the heart begin to look for things to fill it.

I’ve seen too many of us trying to fill this vacuum with inappropriate things, thoughts or feelings. But, if we stay full or reminded often enough, the hope is that we won’t need to worry about filling the tank when the gas to go is already there. The positive thing is that it’s not going to cost you $40 or $50 bucks a fill up, the words are free but they are sparked by the emotional connection that keeps your motor running.

So, I encourage you today, take your foot off the break and let loose a reminder that you love someone today in a genuine way! And if you need the reminder yourself, open up the Bible and take a read especially through the first few chapters of the Gospel of John and experience God’s reminder for yourself!

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