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The Ebb & Flow

Ever heard of the term “ebb and flow”? Ebb means to diminish and flow means to move freely. Does that sound like some things in your life? Sure does in mine. Some things are diminishing and some things are moving freely. No matter how much control you may try to exert, that is just the way things go. We get frustrated when trying to hold on to things that should ebb or we attempt to make static things that should flow.

It’s hard to say some times what state things should be in but I believe that’s why God allowed us the examples of the tides, which is where this term truly applies. He was also generous in giving us the examples of seasons to realize that everything has certain cycles and processes in our lives. Yes, this applies to everything from jobs, to relationships and from dreams to achievements. If you’re not sure what season you are in, that is whether you are to ebb or flow, sometimes just relaxing and repositioning will help you know.

When I went white water rafting for the first time, the guides gave us the instruction, should we be tossed from the raft, to get our feet pointed down stream, that way we could ride the flow and should something strike us it would be against our feet and not our head. Good advice for life in general don’t you think. When trying to go with the flow, it’s better to go feet first rather than head first

On the other hand, when tides ebb, if you have not gotten to land soon enough, you can get caught out to sea. Those are the times when you know you need to rest in order to rejuvenate for the next adventure in your life.

As we pursue our life's course, I understand there will be seasons and times, and the process of ebb and flow. Don’t let it discourage you but rather learn to make the best of these periods and draw energy from them to move you in the right direction. After all, the energy of the oceans are as of yet truly untapped and build through the ebb and flow process. Even rivers have such power as to carve out majestic landscapes over time through this same process (visit the Grand Canyon, if you doubt it). Don’t you also think that the mighty Creator knew what He was doing when He put the same process in us! May you be blessed with the energy you need to make your life count as you go with the ebb and flow today!

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